The links

We are making mutual links.If you want to link with our website,please tell us by e-mail

【search engines & internet service providers】




【the local communities】

 SAPPORO ART SCENES by the municipality of Sapporo City.

札幌タウン SAPPORO-TOWN by e-machitown Co.,Ltd.

 KOTONI-NET,the website about the Nishi-word,Sapporo.

【musical experts】

Music Japan Music Japan by RMS Co.,Ltd.,the database of musical matters in Japan.

 JUST CLASSICAL GUITAR by Mr.Marco Bazzotti,Italian website about classical guitar.

 Cembalofolie by Mr.SCARLATTI,the blogs about early music.

 DXC OPERA HOUSE by Mr.JUN HISATOMI,the website about operas.

 mashroomroom by Ms.MAYUKO ANDŌ,the composer who also composed for mandolins. 

【about mandolins】

 JAPAN MANDOLIN UNION,the official site.

 KMC:KEIŌ MANDOLIN CLUB,the oldest mandolinorchestra in Japanese universities.

 CIRCORO MANDOLINISTICO AURORA in HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY,the oldest mandolinorchestra in Hokkaido.

 THE PLECTRUM ENSEMBLE in OTARU UNIVERSITY OF COMMERCE,the leading university orchestra.

 THE MANDOLIN CLUB in SAPPORO-TSUKISAMU HIGH SCHOOL,operated by the alumuni association.

 MANDOLINO MERIDIANO DI SAPPORO,our affiliated mandolinorchestra.

【the others】 by Supre,Inc.,the website about hobbies and their clubs.