MANDOLINO SINFONICO DI SAPPORO established on April the 9th,1974 by Tarō Morita and young players who approved his new action.Tarō was the member of SAPPORO PLECTRUM ENSEMBLE that is the secondary old mandolinorchestra in Hokkaido.Incidentally,the oldest mandolinorchestra in Hokkaido is CIRCORO MANDOLINISTICO AURORA in HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY,and Tarō is the old boy of AURORA.
 They held the 1st concert in February,1975,and the 2nd concert in June,1976.After the 3rd concert in October,1977,the concert had been held in October or November every year.We are making efforts to play for the next concert.
 Tarō was a teacher in high school,he established and trained the mandolinorchestras in the schools where he arrived as his posts.Especially in the mandolinorchestras in SAPPORO KAISEI HIGH SCHOOL and SAPPORO ASAHIGAOKA HIGH SCHOOL,many of his students went on HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY or OTARU UNIVERSITY OF COMMERCE or FUJI WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY,and became responsible players in the mandolinorchestras in those universities.To his regret,the mandolinorchestras in the high schools disappeared after his ritirement,but CIRCORO MANDOLINISTICO AURORA in HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY,THE PLECTRUM ENSEMBLE in OTARU UNIVERSITY OF COMMERCE and FUJI FRÄULEIN,the mandolinclub in FUJI WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY are all active!
 Just before his retirment,he built his new house with the training room for his mandolinorchestra,then his former students include the active students of those universities joined “MANDOLINO SINFONICO DI SAPPORO”.
 After the tenth concert,the program had developed the remarkable tendency.Tarō may be the prominent mandolinmusic collector in Japan,and he produced the works for Zupforchester in modern German style or the obscure works by famous Italian mandolincomposers.They were all the first performances in Japan or Hokkaido,and the other players in Hokkaido stared in wonder.
 We persistently continued heeding the program or the commentary or the rendition,and reached the peak around the 20th concert.At that time,Tarō cleary made up his musical style with the fixed leading members.After the 30th concert,Tarō completely shifted the part masters to the young generations,and he is challenging new matters.In March,2007,Tarō was elected to the seat of the adviser of the headquarters of JAPAN MANDOLIN UNION(J.M.U.),thence we are not under the control of the Hokkaido branch of J.M.U.,because we are under immediate control of him.
 Tarō loves music sincerely,and puts his heart into enlightening the young players.“MANDOLINO SINFONICO DI SAPPORO” always open the door for the inquiring young players!

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