The BBS is Japanese service presented by TEA CUP COMMUNICATION,LTD..

Please follow the example!


 Input your name or handle!
メール  Input the address of your e−mail!It will not be displayed on the BBS,do not worry.
  Input the title!   Go to the <step2>! 
(自動改行します。利用可能タグ一覧 Writing!
 Input the name of the file if you want to upload it!/search
 Input the URL if you have!


投稿内容の確認 The final check before upload.

 If you decide to upload it,click the left button. If you want to correct it,click the right button.
 If you click the right button to back to the <step1>,the file name of the picture will be cleared up. So please input it again.

Upload!   Back to the <step1>!

Go to the BBS,click here!